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Music and Lyrics: Rich Shapero
Vocals: Hollie Fullbrook
Acoustic Guitar: Rich Shapero
Producers: Rich Shapero, Jean Massicote and François Lalonde
Coordinating Producers: Josh Turner and Jan Lindsay-Smith
Additional Engineering: Josh Turner
Mixing: Peter Katis
Musicians: Jean Massicote, François Lalonde, Marc Ribot, Joe Gore, Rob Powell, Aaron Embry

Additional Credits:
Track 1 melody and composition drawn from “Somebody’s Tall and Handsome” by John Church, 1884
Track 4 melody drawn from traditional Irish folk tune “Tá Mo Chleamhnas Déanta”
Track 6 lyrics inspired by and drawn from “The Ballad of the Brave Cowboy” from the novel
The Brave Cowboy by Edward Abbey, used by permission of Clarke Abbey
Track 10 melody drawn from hymn “China” by Timothy Swan, 1801

Artwork: Paul Rumsey
Album design: Michael Baron Shaw and Adde Russell
Art direction: Jan Lindsay-Smith

All songs ©2022 Rich Shapero, ℗ ©2022 Too Far, LLC. All rights reserved.